The time is here again for another Berlin or Bust Fundraiser of a show. This year we don't even have shows booked in Berlin (does this mean bust?). The show is on Thursday, March 3rd at 8pm for 8 bucks. The show is at the Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Ave, 284-9477.

This show is something special. This year we decided to invite some of our friends to perform with us. The first set will be hosted by Steve and Lee and will feature performances by Janet Shum, Nicole Watson, Jefferson Sinclair, Nick's Troubled Pile and Mr Ron Moore. The Second set will feature a CRUMBS improv show but our music will be spun by non other then DJ HUNNICUTT. This will be the 1st ever Hip-Hop DJ Improv show match up in Winnipeg history.

check it out...