report on Beil

Beil is in the German-French sector of Switzerland. We stayed with a very cool family in a small village just outside of Beil called Erlach. Very picturesque village on a lake being overlooked by the alps.

We did our show in a cellar (our second now, the first was outside of Weisbaden). Very intimate crowd, and a dramatic show (the most dramatic all tour so far).

We ended up staying a little longer in Switzerland with this cool family, living swiss village-family life. Eating Swiss cheese (real swiss cheese that is) and enjoying swiss water and swiss air.

Like all good things, it came to an end when Lee and I took a train and a plane out of Switzerland and into Berlin. Out of the little village and into the big city. Craig is sticking around there for a little longer, he is doing an Old Seed show in the basement of the house we stayed at. It was really fun to help them convet their basement into a theatre (something they try and do once a month).

Berlin adventures soon to follow...