report on Göttingen

first, it is nice to have the blogger site working again.

second, Göttingen was rad (as in radical dude).

third, here is the report:

The festival in Göttingen was our 2nd and their 3rd. We were joined by Die Gorillas (from Berlin and the hosts of the Berlin International Impro Festival), Jacob Bannigan (formally from Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre but now from Graz and the wonderful Theatre Im Bahnhoff) and the The Göttingen Comedy Company. The festival is over a weekennd and the theatre is packed for 2 shows a night. the focus of the festival is very much comedy first and for just putting on a fun show for the audience (which we did).

We played some shorter scenes but also did some long forms as well. One of the forms was called the 'Search for the Super Scene' which is very much like 'More or Less'. I will explain. Each player is the director of their very own scene, the other actors act in the scene. The scene ends early and then you move onto the next director and scene. After everyone has gone once we get the audience to vote for their favourite scenes. The top scenes continue and the least popular one is dropped. We continue this process until we have only one scene left and then that scene's story ends and the form is over. Another form we played was the 'Locust' which was inspired when someone miss heard 'Lotus' and jacob thought about swarming the stage with actors. The idea is everyone stays onstage for the whole scene, playing charaters or props or the scenery. Whenever someone decides to change the scene they simply break out and ask the audience for a new location, and instantly the scene is transformed to the new place. This continues until it ends (somehow).

When we played our Crumbs show, we played it with Jacob, which was fun. It was the first time Jacob had performed a Freeform show with us... did i mention that it was fun?

So the festival ended, and we packed up our things. After sorting our the arrangements at our next stop we said a big 'chewzy coughsky' to Göttingen and a big thank you to the Coach (the Coach is the new nickname for Lars, who put the festival on. If you know Lars it would be cool if you continued to call him the Coach.)

On to Weisbaden (or is it Mainz?)