Report on Mannheim

Oh Mannheim...

One of our favourite theatres to play on tour is the TiG 7, it is so named because it is in the G7 sector of town. The town in broken into a grid system and that is how people get around. The theatre`s address is literally G7.

We played the show with Drama Light (which literally means Diet Theatre) and it was a fun one. The suggestion was Banana, which is usually a little to much on the comedy side, but we took it. A comedy duo who have a problem with the classic slip on a banana peel bit, the spanish revolution, reunited brothers and a love story of Industrial Romantic proportions. What a show. And we sold more merchandise here then anywhere, thank you Stefan and Lara.

Now wait, you might be asking yourself `what the hell is Industrial Romantic?`. Well it is a term we recently learned while in Mannheim. Industrial Romantic is when you look upon on the man made blights of the industrial world and you do in fact see the underlying beauty of it. Stefan and Isolda were trying to explain the term to us because in Mannheim by the river you can go and hang out and party. Across the river is the factories and warehouse spaces of the local industry, and they think there is a beauty to it. The empty and demolished buildings of an old industrial park all spray painted, smoke stacks that have long since exhauled their last breath... All are Industrial Romantic.

Thank you Mannheim for a new term for something i already felt.