Report on Winterthur

Ahh the swiss,

We arrive into Switzerland by train, and the border guards are checking our passports as we are pulling into our station.Of course they decide that they need to take pictures of our passports right then. Dangerous Canadians on the loose no doubt.

Winterthur is a nice touristy town in Switzerland which just happens to have a kick ass theatre. I know, it seems that lately I am saying that every theatre is our favourite, but c`mon, the Casino Theatre rocks. We are talking a 200 seat theatre with a full stage, full lights with a travel spot. A back stage area that has 4 rooms and a fully stocked kitchen (and when I say stocked I mean beer, wine and a fruit basket). Across the lobby of the theatre is a gourmet restaurant and upstairs in this building there are more conferance rooms and halls. They had us stay at the theatre in our own private apartment, again witha fully stocked kitchen. Each of us having our own room on the road is a luxury indeed. Lets just say after our kick ass show and our kick ass gourmet meal, we watched some kick ass swiss tv before going to kick ass sleep.

So this is Winterthur...