Report on Freiburg

Freiburg what is with you?

So it is our 2nd stop in Freiburg, the university town. We were there last year with the Die Mauerbrecher and this year we were with theatre L.U.S.T.

Q- Did we have a good time with Die Mauerbrecher last year?
A- Yes

Q- Did they come to any of the shows this year or try and get a hold of us?
A- No

So we have a good time with theatre L.U.S.T. but we can't help but think that Die Mauerbrecher are somehow mad at us. The impro polotics we are starting to get a taste of here in Germany is not as tasty as the chocolate and cheese is.

We do some theatresports matches and we have some fun and then leave Freiburg, but not after i get some free stuff. I went for a walk in the lovely city and saw a whole bunch of people lining up for some reason. My natural instincts told me to line up as well. As I got closer i could see them handing out loot bags. When i got to then end of the line up one of my worst nightmares was realized... i was in the girl line up... After quickly figuring out the german words spoken to me i found the right line up and was handed a grab bag. Free stuff included:
-one cherry flavoured drink (read cough medicine)
-one alko-pop
-one iced tea
-one beer (pilsner)
-one pack of gum
-a million flyers completely useless to me

But now i understand Freiburg a little better (Freiburg translated is Free Castle)