Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony was in town.
That is a good thing.
It is always a special and rare occasion that he swoops in, unannounced to most.

Paul and Devin were both at the Toad for the Monday Night Special. They read some stuffs and did a skit on book then read a wee bit more. Will they do a show together at the Fringe someday? Will Hugh Phukovsky do a solo show here?

Paul came into town to see Twisted Sister at "Yee Olden Day Rock Festival" outside of our cosmopolitan city (Grand Beach I believe). He told me that it rocked.

Paul and Devin were going to watch last year's Trouser Idol. Trouser Mouth, a notorious Winnipeg band, had just hosted their version of Canadian Idol called Trouser Idol. Kareoke and booze fuels the evening, hosted by none other then Devin McCracken. Paul Anthony won this year's event, held at the Albert.

I was tired, it was late and I still had some cylcling to do...