It is cool being in Toronto

I like Toronto.

There, I said it. Perhaps it is because the rest of the country is so down on it that it ends up being this really cool city just because I expect it to suck (or maybe it is just a cool city). I like it.

I know I no doubt sound like a prairie bumpkin, but, there is so much here.
-so many people for people watching
-so many cool looking shops
-so many cool little eating places
-and lots of art on the street

No, it is no Berlin when it comes to street art, or even a Montreal. It still has enough to keep me focused on the alleys and scribbles that show up on walls and posts. One example is the now famous Val Kilmer (which was Val Kilmer's face pasted up all over), the art was featured in People Magazine.

It has enough stuff, and shows, and cool people and stuff to be a cool city in my book. Okay, enough kissing the ass of Toronto.