out in the woods

Two weekends in a row I have had the luck and time to escape into the woods. Last weekend it was out to "the cabin", while this weekend it was out to some crown land north of Kenora, Ontario.

The site is one of those "secret spots" that everyone has. And boy, is it great. As long as you have a 4x4 and some off road experience. There were 11 of us who went out to this spot for Kent's stag party (Kent Bannister). We brought out 3 boats, 5 trucks, 2 pellet guns, 400 beers, 3 golf clubs, 47 fireworks, 7 tents, and lot's of other distractions.

Fishing was had, and I caught my first fish since becoming a vegetarien. I released it, though I was ready to kill and eat it. Oh well, next time perhaps.

The site was right onto a lake which was so clear you could almost always see the bottom. There was a set of water falls off the lake which fed into another lake (and another two sets of falls). This land of clear lakes and falls has a very nice site for camping. I have my eye on that site for next time.

The escape is nice...