The IF... Improv Festival has begun

There is no stopping the festival now (not that there ever really was a time anyone could stop it). The 6th Annual IF... Improv Festival has burst through the event horizon.

Last night's show was a stellar showing at the Toad Pub in Osborne Village. The Monday night "Improv Supper Club" has been running weekly for years now and so it does have its built in audience. The audience of people who want to get up on the stage and try it with the pros. Many laughs, many volunteers and many sweet scenes (and some dirty ones) made the first night a huge success.

Looking forward to the other nights now...

Tuesday at the Park Theatre for a local showcase and a Jack'um & Attack'em set of improv. We will see CRUMBS, Outside Joke and The Jist. All at 8pm and all awesome.The Park Theatre is in South Osborne.

Thurday at the Park Theatre is a live improvised cartoon. How is this possible? Witht he mad genius Rene from Dad's Garage in Atlanta, Georgia. Check this show out.

Friday at the Gas Station Theatre for a mainstage show of the improv Death Match variety. Winnipeg vs Atlanta vs Edmonton. Then a midnight show at the Pulford Street IMprov Palace for some Improv vs Writing.

Saturday at the Gas Station Theatre for another mainstage show, this time with a very special guest (we will have Big Dave McLean the Blues Legend and Terry McLeod the CBC Radio personality). Stick around for the late night show happening at the Pulford Street Improv Palace for an improv show in the dark...

There you have it (again and again) see you at the shows.