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Perhaps i have not been clear.

Every single Saturday night at 10pm you can see CRUMBS do their/our thing. What is our thing? Our thing is an improv show that beats all (as in "don't that beat all?"). Wait, maybe i am not being clear again. Here, I will make things clear. We (CRUMBS) do an improv show that is like an improvised play. It is funny, it is sad, it is weird, it is absurd, it is serious, it is funny again. Lee White and Stephen Sim are the two actor type guys who make up the characters and the stories. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have Craig Bjerring play music during the show. The show rocks.

So every single Saturday night at 10pm we do a show. The show is at the PULFORD STREET IMPROV PALACE, which is at 109 Pulford Street, which is in the church across the street from the Gas Station Theatre (284-9477). The IMPROV PALACE is on the second floor, use the side door.

There are other shows happening in this space as well...

1- Saturdays at 8pm there is a show sponsored by the MANITOBA IMPROV LEAGUE. This show is a drop-in improv jam show for high school improv types and those who once were high school improv types. The second half of this show will always feature a new toupe.

2- Fridays at midnight there is an improv show that highlights the wicked awesome improv that goes on in this town. Each week a different troupe is featured. Could be the awesomeness of OUTSIDE JOKE, it could be the smooth zanyness of THE JIST, it could even be the howlingly hilarious antics of ALWAYS GEORGE. It could even be someone else...

These shows cast only $4.99

These shows are in Winnipeg if y'all happen to be reading this in the land of internet and don't know what i am talking about. Winnipeg is in Manitoba, Manitoba is in Canada, Canada is in the United States (not really, but damn close).

Soooooo, i guess i will see y'all there!