And here we are...

Again CRUMBS finds our way into the European world of improv. Landed in Berlin with no difficulties at all in flights or borders, which is good.

We have done a couple of shows at a couple of theatres that we know. And we seem to be ontop of our game, which is good.

The first was our opening show at the Ratibor (our home away from home theatre), this was a true CRUMBS show (just us three, doing our stuff). The Ratibor is run by Harald (with whom we are staying with as well) and i believe it was squatted in the 70's (damn cool way to get an apartment and a theatre if you ask me). The Ratibor family has been very nice to us CRUMBers, we having been having gourmet home cooked meals every night, we even played monopoly with the family the other night (i came in second).

The second show was at the Mehring Hof theatre, this is where we have done a whole week of shows before. The show we did this year was a theatresports match with the Austrian National Team. There is a tournament going on right now as sort of a practice for the Improv World Cup that is set to go on starting in June (to cooincide with the FIFA World Cup). The show was a fun one, always fun to improvise with the Austrians.

So now we must culturize ourselves with museums and art galleries. We must absorb the deutch language which surrounds us. We must eat the local foods and drink the local drinks. We must slow down our english and smile a lot. We must pace ourselves for the long haul across and throughout this country and this land, spreading our improv niceties.

Next show at the Schlott (a jazz bar) on Wednesday night, which is good.