Well yes I have been slacking in the updates department. But things on the road have been a little hectic. The shows and workshops are one thing, sleeping and getting around is a whole other world. We are finding our german legs though (and our german heads).

We are currently in Munich (M√ľnchen if you want it in Deutch) and we have played a show already with Isar 148 (who are a great group that we love playing with). We have a show tonight, which is a CRUMBS show of the classic variety, which means a long form with Lee and I doing our improv thing and Craig doing his guitar thing. Should be fun.

So far in Europe we have done 5 shows and 4 workshops.

1- At the Ratibor Theatre in Berlin (our home away from home) which was a CRUMBS show. Some highlights include:
-a mother who has kept her baby in the womb for five years, waiting for the father to get a job before she gives birth.
-an ant who fears being alone and then ends up being forced out of the colony and he gets his own apartment (which he loves). so he then eventually forces all the ants to leave and go on their own (to find their inner larvea).

2- At the Mehringhoff Theatre in Berlin (our second most played theatre in Berlin) where we did a theatresports match with Austria (the Austrian National Team for the World Cup of Improv) of course it was fun to play with them austrians.

3- At the Schlot Jazz club in Berlin (which was Craig's first time playing, Lee and I have done this show before). The show was very nice and the audience was loud and loved it. We played with Barbara and Beata, and we even sang a couple of songs... imagine.

4- Another show at the Mehringhoff, this time another match, this time with Die Gorrilas. We played with Regina and Billa, and again we sang songs... imagine an italian opera.

5- At the Oberangertheatre in Munich with Isar 148. This is the third year in a row we have come and done a show here. A nice cabaret theatre where we serve up the comedy with another duo of improvisers. So in some ways CRUMBS and Isar 148 share something, we both are a duo of actors with a musician. Soon all improv troupes will be in this form...

So those have been the shows and there are so many still to come.

Next stop is Vienna (where we haven't been in two years)