What is up with ilaugh?

First i see the "ilaugh" posters around the city. Then i see they have actually hit the street gorilla style with spray painted stencils. Now don't get me wrong, i am a fan of art in the street, but spray painted advertising for a comedy website?

Yes, it turns out that ilaugh is advertising for ilaugh.com which is a comedy website. It boasts to be "the world's funniest website" but if you do check it out, it does have its problems. i think that the funniest websites are going to be the websites built by regular folks not trying to be funny.

Who knows, maybe if they get their "shit" together and enough funny people send in their "shit" it could have what it takes. Right now though, YouTube and Myspace Comedy have the jump on internet comedy. But ilaugh has spray paint, and they are not afraid to us it.