A Very Special Improv Show

I thought that this was a pretty funny picture... but eating spiders is no laughing matter. It doesn't matter that the FACT that everyone sites is wrong... it is still not funny to think about stuffing huge hairy spiders into your mouth... or into the mouth of a cute little innocent girl, though it does appear that she is doing the stuffing herself and doing it voluntarily.

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Always be on the look out for a CRUMBS show in your town... always be on the look out for a big hairy spider trying to convince you to put it in your mouth.

No matter how hungry you are... DO NOT EAT!

Let me tell you about the show that happened in the past:

WHEN: Friday, Dec 8th at Midnight

WHERE: The Gas Station Theatre 445 River Avenue at Osborne Street

HOW (much): $8 (only)

WHAT: A very special improv show starring CRUMBS with very special guests...

WHO: CRUMBS (who are your favourites and we don't need to talk about them)

Ron Pederson - is based in L.A. but originally from Edmonton. He did three seasons on MADtv, he cut his teeth with Rapid Fire Theatre and is a regular on Die Nasty the longest running improvised soap opera that I know of.

Ryan Gladstone & Bruce Horake - are originally from Calgary, but now I don't even know if they have homes. They are currently touring "The Canada Show" with MTYP. They are both alumni of the Loose Moose Theatre.

Sheldon Elter - was a contestant on Canadian Idol (which means he has lots of screaming fans. He is also currently touring "The Canada Show" with Ryan and Bruce. Sheldon is from Edmonton.

Herbie Barnes - is living in Toronto where he is a member of Tonto's Nephews as well as being an alumni of Second City.

All of these people on one stage for one night only!!!