CRUMBS is set to go to Vancouver for the big old Theatresports tourny they have there every Valentine's Day Weekend (they call it the Massacre). Now while theatresports is not the CRUMBS style, we have done it before and have walked away with some World Championship titles before (anyone in the theatresports world know that this is a major reason to be bragging).

CRUMBS flies to Vancouver on Feb 15th early in the morning and we stay all the way to Feb 19th. If you wanna see CRUMBS check out the Vancouver Theatresports League website and see when we are playing.

This will be the first time CRUMBS graces a Vancouver stage together since 1999. Stephen blew through town once in 2002 and did a late night jam at VTSL with Jacob Bannigan. But the only true(ish) CRUMBS show was at the Vancouver Little Theatre (rip) and we had special guests Hugh Phukovsky and Chico help out.