TiG 7

This is the theatre that we played in Mannheim (called the TiG 7 because Mannheim is broken into quadrants and the theatre falls into the grid at G7). This theatre is magic and CRUMBS has so far been unable to do a bad show here. Perhaps it is the lovely audience that shows up, perhaps it is the stage, perhaps it is just dumb luck. So far in the three years and four shows we have done there, every one has been a winner.

This year the show at Mannheim was the one that kicked off the European leg of our tour. The show dabbled in several themes, mostly of leaving home to discover yourself (which seems to be an ongoing theme for us). We had the love story between a slick guy named Tony and the object of his desire Tina (who would always play hard to get). We had the spoiled rotten wife who controlled her husband (eventually pushing him into the arms of her own mother)... I guess you had to be there.

Next show in Gottingen as part of their festival. We will be playing with Jacob Bannigan (our old comrade from Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre now living in Graz, Austria). We will also play with our old friends Isar 148. Good times are guaranteed... I guess you will have to be there.