On the road to Rostock

So CRUMBS is slowly but surely headed to Rostock, Germany to take part in the G8.

No, Canada has not sent Lee and Steve as representatives to speak on their behalf, though that would be a funny day at the G8 summit. CRUMBS will be performing with Die Gorillas (Berlin) and La Gata (Bogota) as part of a cultural and social awareness element to the whole damn thing.

The G8 summit will have all the "super powers" sittings in rooms sipping expensive coffee and talking about further world domination while hundreds (if not thousands) of people will be protesting in their designated "protest areas". The theme for the shows we will be doing will be mirroring the themes of the G8. Globalization, Climate Change, Developing Nations ect...

This show will be a great leg stretch for improvisational theatre as we will be delving into the world of social politics and perhaps even evoking some thought in some people. Either that or we will be making fun of the easy targets (the fascist dictators of the world) to the left leaning anarchist/hippies that will be watching the show (hopefully).

What is the G8?

Where is Rostock?

Can I go and protest? (german version)
And even more German info

So wish us luck, and let us all hope that we can use the power of comedy for good, and that after this years G8 summit we will finally have peace and the answer to all the world's problems.