update in words

so CRUMBS is on tour (you know this)

We are currently in Konstaz (code name K-town or Konstanz-tinople). This place is in the osuth south of Germany. We are enjoying the weather here and looking forward to our show.

We were just in Wurzburg, Regensberg and Nurnberg.

Wurzburg show was with Die Kaktussen. We always have a good show with Nadine and Topi. The show had a concept to it. We walked around town with a camera taking pictures, then loaded them into a computer and had them be the inspirations for the show. The Canadian impression on this town and Germany. The show was packed (and we mean packed to the point where it would be illegal to pack that many people into a room in Canada). Very fun.

Regensberg show was fun too. We did a "match" with Chameleon (spelled correctly?) in another packed room. The show felt a bit like a rock show as the crowd was very loud (in a good way). Regensberg means "rain castle", it didn't rain when we were there and there was no castle...?

Nurnberg show was with 6 auf Kraut. Always nice to visit with Sigi and Romina. they are now old friends. We did a show and had "life cakes" what else is needed? (life cakes are a traditional ginger bread cookie sold in Nurnberg that we are addicted to).

next stop is the natural horse backriding of Arhona.