The next CRUMBS show

The Next CRUMBS show is Tuesday January 20th with Outside Joke as part of the FREE LAUGHS series of Comedy shows happening at the King's Head every Tuesday night.

The show will be starting at around 9pm and will feature the amazing improv of CRUMBS and Outside Joke and the musical stylings of DJ Hunnicutt. Yes, the show should start at 9pm though the shows always seem to be starting later and later. Why is it that people hear that the show will start at 9pm and then think that it would be okay to leave their house at 9pm and stroll in at 9:30 or later? Is it just the Winnipeg mentality? Do Winnipeggers not understand that a start time means the time something starts? Or is it because shows now wait for the audience to show up, meaning that audiences are then showing up later and later as to not be the "suckers" waiting for everyone else to show up?

There are no easy answers, but let me tell you, if you show up before 9pm you are ensured a good seat, and you are ensured to understand the beginning of the show because we are starting as close to 9pm as we can.

See y'all there,