CRUMBS in Vancouver

CRUMBS is in Vancouver!
Yes, we are back to defend out title, our title of most fun improv group ever! The Vancouver Theatresports League hosts a Theatresports tournament called the StValentine's Day Massacre. Two years ago CRUMBS were invited and we then rocked the stage and took home the Gold. Last year, we were invited back again to defend... this is when things got ugly. Somehow, Vancouver's improvisers sabotaged CRUMBS, forcing Lee into a dancing scene where he had his knee blown out. This lead to a second place finish and us only bringing home the Silver (not quite gold). Dad's Garage of Atlanta brought the Gold home (and they are cool folk, so, but...). Anyways, 2009, we are back again, and we are here for Gold (and blood).

Hey, I have finally met the wonderful dudes behind "The Cody Rivers Show" we had heard of them through so many folks and now I have laughed at their hilarity. They are from Bellingham (so naturally friends with the Upfront Theatre folks) but also currently on tour (so you should really check them out if you can, just click on their names).