CRUMBS in Arhoena

Oh Arhoena!
What can I say about Arhoena that I haven't already said before in older blogs? We go there every year on our tour. It is a mythical and magical land in a very small village in the middle of Germany. Uwe is the Konig (king) or maybe even Kaiser (emperor) of this horse ranch. He spreads the word of "Natural Horsemanship" and he is just an amazing person, filled with energy that is addicting and contagious. He is old friends with our good friend Christoph from Berlin and was the person who first believed in CRUMBS and started this whole "euro touro" thing we do every year. Back in the day Uwe would do Kabarett (which is German stand-up but more political and of course involves singing songs).

This year in Arhoena, not only did we do our show (again with a great musician, thank you Sasha) but there was an extra little thing. Uwe had been inspired for the first time in 10 years to put together a Kabarettt show. He brought in a Dutch band (called Bird which again brings back the Joe Bird parallel) and wrote some text. The show was crazy and strange and in German. We played a little set at the end as part of the encore (kind of like a teaser or trailer for our show the next day).

So we hung out with happy horse, a dutch band and recharged our batteries in the German countryside.

Next Stop: Marburg