CRUMBS at the King's Head

CRUMBS is again doing the FREE LAUGHS comedy series at the King's Head pub on Tuesdays.
As you may know (or should know) every single Tuesday night at 9pm there is a comedy show at the King's Head and this comedy show just happens to be the best darned comedy show that the city has to offer. The show rotates between:

1st TUE
CRUMBS with DJ Hunnicutt and the World Class improv that has been blowing minds across the globe for years and years and years... You know it, you love it, you need it.

2nd TUE
Comedy Loser with Ryan McMahon, which is the solo comedy stylings of monologues and characters, multi-media and video... very cool show.

3rd TUE
CRUMBS & Friends also with DJ Hunnicutt, this time more of a jam show that has CRUMBS doing improv with very special guests.

4th TUE
Shitz 'N Gigglez, the Stand-up comedy show hosted by John B Duff. Canada's next top comics give you the love on the mic in that classic comedy way.


So c'mon down to the King's Head and let the FREE LAUGHS warm you as you hang out with good people, drink fine beverages and munch on fine foods. It is always a good time and it is the best live comedy the city has to offer.