CRUMBS in Switerland

CRUMBS in Switzerland

Hey folks, everybody loves the Swiss right?

*thanks to Ryan Millar for reminding me of this

We again did our super fun CRUMBS show in Baden at the Ventil. We love playing at the Ventil, it just has the right vibe in the room for CRUMBS. Baden is just outside of Zurich where Romans used to have baths, we just shower there.

The show we did saw a poor depressed lonely guy on a cruise ship... a cruise ship for couples... you could even call it a relation-ship. It also had a coat that tries to eat your soul. We learned that Duck L'Orange isn't just raw duck painted orange, and that ship captains have way to much power. Thank goodness everything turned out in the end.

So hanging out in Zurich and Baden has reminded us of how beautiful Switzerland can be, and when I say beautiful I mean expensive. To truly enjoy oneself you must first trick yourself into believing that the Swiss frank is only worth ½ of a Canadian dollar.

Me: How much is this cup of coffee?
Swiss: Seven franks.
Me: Seven franks, let me see that would be... three fifty... not bad I guess
Swiss: Seven franks is equal to seven Canadian dollars.
Me: Please don't.

We still have yet another show to do here before we travel on to Freiburg Germany. We are performing in Kloten, a little town that nobody knows about. It is actually where the airport is, so people just call it the airport. At the show I might actually meet a “long lost” relative. He isn't actually long lost, I have just never met him. It will be strange to meet this (great uncle?) on my mother's side from Northern Ireland because the show just happens to be on St Patrick's day (neat huh?). But it just makes me wonder why does the world celebrate a catholic saint who hated snakes by getting so wasted that the streets are filled with drunks? Are the Irish embarrassed at all?


Next stop: Freiburg Germany