CRUMBS in Leipzig

So it is our second time in Leipzig, and it is a wonderful place and has a wonderful theatre (die naTo) and they even have a marquee where we can see our name in lights (who doesn't want to see that?).

Quick note: if you want to say Leipzig right, say it like this "Lie-P-Shh"

The show went well, and we got to keep the fans we made there last year. We started the show off by pulling a birthday boy out of the audience (who was sitting front row centre) and we just asked him some questions and that was our suggestion for the show (we took: take it easy, socks, knitting). The show took some nice turns and we didn't realize it at the time but we inadvertently had some references to “Stasi” with all the reports on people that one of the characters were doing.

Quick note: The Stasi was the secret police in the the former east.

We had a couple of workers in a power plant that supplied power to the city. Larry and Charlie worked together but it turned out that every single day Charlie would write a report to the boss about Larry and how he was making mistakes... of course it turned out that Charlie was jealous of Larry. Anyways, they both ended up fixing a meltdown together (by making everything calm down) and of course became the best of friends... of course, of course, of course.

Another story line was a husband and wife. She wanted things to stay the same forever, which was sitting on the couch while knitting a blanket while watching the fire. She figured if they never changed they would never fall in love. But it turned out the blanket was a blanket of guilt over a moment of infidelity in Italy... oh yeah, and he wanted a brand new TV.

Did I mention that she then knitted a pair of stocking? Who doesn't like stockings? Well I like stockings...

And well it turns out that the wife of the guy whose birthday it was was filming the show AND she has a knitting blog AND posted our encore on her knitting blog... enjoy the clip folks.

Next stop: The fork in the road