CRUMBS in Mannheim & Heidelberg

Show at tig7

A blimp the captain and the first mate. the captain always wanted to fly planes
the first mate is just always so happy. On board is a princess and her servant on their way to marry the arch-duke of France, she doesn't want to marry him, she wants to marry the captain...

Oh, also there is a weather sports show, the sports guy over powers the weather guy and tries to take over the show. Of course because of this there is a storm warning that gets glossed over and it affects the blimp.

Here is some easy math for you all: Storm + Blimp = Disaster.

The blimp needs to lose weight to rise above the storm, everything goes including the servant who sacrifices himself for the Royalty he has pledged to protect. But the captain and the princess run away together, thus ending the royal line.

Blimps are magic and the weather guy gets his own show.

Show at DEA

Things covered in the show:
-a red water cooker (kettle) makes or breaks your relationship
-guys who drink beer all the time will lose everything
-gals who work in factories dream of being artists can make their dreams come true

This show was a new form involving a live illustrator who had his drawings projected on a screen using a rear projector. This is a really cool concept with a whole lot of potential. I felt as the show was still finding it's legs while we were doing it. It was one of those shows where you know that if you did the show right after the actual show that you just did, it would be that much better... does that make sense?

These are some of the things mentioned in the show... I will let you connect the dots.

The final show in Mannheim, the final show of the 20 year anniversary of one of the sweetest improv companies in Germany (and one of the oldest... 20 years). Drama Light was one of the very first groups who recognized CRUMBS and brought them to their city. We hold up an imaginary cake with imaginary candles and sing an imaginary round of “Happy Birthday”.

The show was at the Alte Feuerwache, which I think translates to the the old fire washer or something like that. We had almost 300 hundred people laughing in the aisles as we did our improv thing. The show was sort of a fusion of Theatresports, Micetro and Gorilla Theatre... but of course we put our own little German, Canadian and Slovenian twist on it.

We now take the train to Munich...