CRUMBS in the middle of nowhere

Arhoena is in Mansbach.
Mansbach is in the middle of Germany.
It is a hidden jewel.

Arhoena is a place for natural horsemanship. I have written about it in the past. I could write more about it now, but then the past would be without meaning.

The show in Arhoena is always the most atypical of shows. The audience is usually made up of some children and parents that are at the horse ranch, plus we have some of the town folk show up. The english isn't the strongest, the attention span in the country is different than that of the cosmopolitan cities we usually play. But we had and have a fun show regardless. We please the children by playing animals and we please the adults with a love story. If there isn't a love story, why tell a story anyways.

Two monkeys in the jungle, one wants to leave the jungle and escape to adventure, one doesn't want to leave the jungle.

We also have a tailor who's store is in trouble with the bank.

Both monkeys escape the jungle, one likes it in the city and gets a good job. The other misses the jungle and his love, so he returns to the jungle. The tailor makes the bank worker an amazing suit that sparks success for both the bank worker and the tailor.

Did I mention the jaguar stalking through the jungle who just loves the taste of monkey?