CRUMBS in The Lube

The Lube...

Not that Ljubljana needs to have a nickname, it already has a gorgeous name, but “The Lube” just nicknames itself really. I guess I also have to mention here that I learned how to really remember how to spell Slovenia... it is the country with “Love” in it. So now I won't forget.

First item of business, Gregore bought a new car. Very nice but I do have to say that I don't know why he didn't just buy a Kangoo (because Alanka and Maja both have one and they are even the same colour). Narobov could have been the theatre company with only one type of vehicle. Gregore also earned his Phd in Philosophy and can now practice his doctoring on life. He wrote and published his book on NOTHING! What do I mean? His whole philosophy was focused on nothing, how some nothings are really something and have an output or an effect. I no longer look at nothing the same way. Thanks philosophers.

Second order of business, Tomash (not how he spells it, but how it is pronounced) has published three books! They are children's books, but, THREE BOOKS!

Third order of business, Maja and Tomash (I know, spelling) have a baby girl who is among the cutest of all babies (your baby is cute too, worry not).

Fourth order of business, Ligretto. Ligretto is a card game that has the power to make best friends enemies, the power to make nuns swear like sailors and sailors weep like willows. The beauty of the game is the speed, you really don't have to wait for the other slow-poke players to get their act together, you just play. (But what is a Ligretto Speed Machine?)

Fifth order of business, the Canadian game show “Talk About”. We have now successfully integrated this game into the Slovenian scene. We have adapted it into a party game that you can play while sitting around with friends. We also played “names of paper” and “who is most likely” (those are not the real names of the games, but as of yet I don't know them).

The show in Kamnick

The show started with a lazy, still at home son who spends (read as wastes) his life away on WoW (read as World of Warcraft). His older brother has a a business and his parents are both fed up (Dad is to hard on him, Mom is to soft).

We then go to the forest to see the adventures of a nervous little rabbit and his crush on a sexy rabbit and their journey to where the good flowers grow (and the ever present danger of the wolf lies, just a regular wolf though, not a werewolf).

We also see a couple of bungling cops who just hate their uncomfortable uniforms, we see the old chief of police who doesn't care about the uniforms and the popular mayor who care about results to the crime wave that has been plaguing the city.

Side note: The mayor of The Lube is currently enjoying something like 80% of the vote and insists that he only get paid the same percentage of his approval rating of what he normally would get... brilliant and popular. Sam Katz would get starved out of office.

The rabbit eventually out smarts the wolf (after some potentially confusing plots twists). The ruse is witnessed by a couple of wise old birds... the ruse also involves some dumb old chickens and a chicken farmers shotgun. The rabbits then do it like... well, rabbits.

The dumb cops (why are cops so fun to play dumb?) stumble in on a bank robbery in progress and have no idea what to do... and cause a big fat mess. The chief lies to the mayor and the cops become heroes (and get their new pink uniforms).

The lazy son convinces his parents to start playing WoW and they finally get to share something as a family... awe.

Not even the asshole train dude who didn't fully explain why he was charging us extra on the tickets we had already bought can tarnish this place. He even insisted that I take my bag off the seat and put it up in the baggage compartment... on the near empty train... where all the other people had their bags on their seats!!! Nope, not even that guy can tarnish this place. The Slovenians are inspiring.

Next stop: Graz