CRUMBS heats things up

CRUMBS heats things up... Well, maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.
CRUMBS makes their home base in Winnipeg and Winnipeg is been hit by the "winter stick". This should come to no surprise by anyone living in Winnipeg, but for some reason people here are always a little surprised. Maybe surprised isn't the right word, perhaps shocked is a better word. The snow falls, the cold drifts in, the roads are slippery and everyone decides to somehow forget how to drive. Everyone somehow complains about the winter when it hits even though they chose to live here. Its like complaining about the mosquitoes in the summer, or complaining about the Jets leaving. Let me also add that winter did not rear its ugly head (and it is one mighty ugly head) until the middle of November (NOVEMBER!) yes it did rear its ugly head and shake a whole hell of a lot of dandruff (to be read as snow) but it did come late.
My Winnipeg (film by Guy Maddin)
Ditching your car (and why you always have a shovel in your trunk)

Alright, enough of that yearly head shake of disbelief at my fellow citizens.

Winnipeg not only got slapped with winter (I thought I said enough of that...?) they also lost a member of the comedy community. We lost Susan Nisbet, a self professed "sit down stand up comic". She was and is an inspiration and her humour lives on. Why I just saw a live stand-up show just this week where several of her jokes slayed the audience. Even in death... she can kill.

CRUMBS returns this week to the King's Head Pub for some Hot Hot Comedy. We will be doing some shows and we will be turning comedy into pure heat for your entertainment.

CRUMBS at the King's Head on Nov 30th
With special
guests Sarah Constible and Tricia Cooper and Alix Sobler

CRUMBS at the King's Head on Dec 7th

March 12th 8pm
at the Gas Station Arts Centre Theatre for the
"Berlin or Bust XI"
This show is the annual fundraiser for the CRUMBS European tour that happens. This will be the 11th one, which means that CRUMBS has been touring Europe for over a decade... time flies when you are touring Europe. It was the spring of 2001 that CRUMBS first were invited to perform at the inaugural Berlin International Improv Festival. They went over to the old country to do some shows and "find themselves". They have been back to tour there every year since.

So, let's see you at the shows folks, because we know its going to be cold, we know the roads are going to be icy and we are used to it. We kick winter in the ass.