Improv Festival is here!

So I have been a busy guy lately. I have not only been organizing the busiest and best week of improv that Winnipeg ever sees (The Winnipeg if... Improv Festival 2010), I also got cast in a real live movie. The movie is called Goon and is directed by Michael Dowse (who also directed Fubar and Fubar 2). It is a hockey movie set to be the next Slapshot. Very fun to work on. I got the part of 'Back-up Goalie' which is really because I am really good at looking bored on the bench and chewing bubble gum (which is almost all I did). When I was on set I really had to channel the spirit of Habs great Ken Dryden (who was famous for looking bored even while on the ice).

So I spent a week on the set of a real movie with real film crews and real famous actors... But the whole time I kept thinking about the very real Winnipeg if... Improv Festival that was set to happen and that I was putting together. All the good things have to happen all at once I guess. "When it rains, it pours", well, I guess I am happy and thankful that I got wet with all of this.

Now everyone reading this should go to the Gas Station Theatre and see all the lovely shows and all the lovely players that are in town for this lovely festival.

Amy Shostak from Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre
Kayla Lorette from Toronto's Ghost Jail Theatre and YTV's That's So Weird!
Jayden Pfeiffer from Regina's General Fools
Fraz Wiest from Regina/Toronto/Winnipeg/Your Heart
Christian Capazolli from New York City's 4Track
George Basil from New York City's 4Track (but he lives in LA... whoa, sooo cool)

These special guest will be joined by the talented locals we brew right here in Winnipeg. Members of CRUMBS, Outside Joke, The D&D Improv Show as well as stand-up comics and sketch artists from this city as well.

What's that? You also heard that we will have the musical styles of Dj Hunnicutt and Mama Cuttsworth? Well, you heard correctly.

This week of improv is so wonderful, I don't think I will sleep until after it is done.