Save journalism in Canada!

Time is running out to save journalism in Canada. How simply embarrassing it would be if Canada had its very own Fox News spreading false news and fear mongering. Now I am not against The SunTV from existing and having their say, I just think that anyone reporting the news should have to be held responsible for not airing information falsely. That goes for the CBC and CTV and any other media outlet out there. I don't think that just because you can afford to buy your own TV news channel means you can then turn around and report whatever you feel like, there is a certain responsibility that comes with calling yourself a news agency. If you want to broadcast fiction, go right ahead, but don't call it news.

Here is a link where you can have your voice heard.

A link to a news story about the CRTC changes.

A link to the CRTC notice of consultation on fair and balanced rule.

But...... If SunTV decides that perhaps they would like to venture more into the entertainment areas of television instead of reporting the news, I do have some suggestions for them.

1) The Pretend Science Show
This show can be all about how science is fake and that it is a conspiracy to keep the Oil and Gas industry from making money. It could be set in an evil "science" lab, where we follow the day to day adventures of "mad scientists" constantly inventing new ways to oppress the Petroleum Companies.
Bonus: It could be funded directly by the Petroleum Industry!

2) Those silly NDP
The show would revolve around the fruitless campaigning of an NDP candidate and the "pipe dreams" of social services that they hilariously are always trying to champion.
Bonus: It could be cast with actual NDP candidates in true Reality TV fashion!

3) The "Normal" Family
This show would of course be "normal" as a sort of instruction manual for all Canadians. We would see a natural (white) family raising their children while they go to school (and church) and play sports (boys play hockey and girls play ringette). The leader of the house (the father) would give advice about how to be a good citizen while the homemaker (the mother) would give advice to the young girl about how to eventually become a good wife. There of course could be run ins with their wacky neighbours (the lesbian feminazi granola eating left wing nuts who speak gibberish) and the crazy guy across the street (the centrist pseudo-intellectual who talks down to them).
Bonus: I think the hilarity writes itself, though this show would not be shot as a comedy, it would be serious... Deadly serious.

So, those are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I am sure in pinch I could pitch a few more.

In more funny and less scary news... CRUMBS continues to deliver hilarious live comedy shows (comedy shows that are not claiming to be news, so we do in fact have the freedom to take liberties with the truth).

Check us out at:

-the King's Head Pub on Feb 15th to celebrate the birthday of FRAZ! Musical guest Mama Cutsworth!

-The Gas Station Theatre show "Never Forget to Laugh" in honour of Susan Nisbet on Feb 19th! The show will feature stand-up comedy, improv, sketch comedy and video.

-The King's Head Pub on March 1st which will be the last CRUMBS show at the King's Head until the triumphant return during the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in July 2011!

-And Saturday, March 12th at the Gas Station Theatre for the CRUMBS Berlin or Bust show with Dj Hunnicutt.

Thank you for supporting live comedy, thank you for supporting truth in journalism and thank you for reading these words.