The Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2011

Alright, so I completely suck at this whole website updating thing. I am so far behind on posts about the European tour (yes, the tour that has been over for weeks) and I am already realizing that I must post about upcoming shows.

I have decided to post about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Yes, it is an amazing festival, and yes, amazing shows will be happening in this humble town.

I must first (of course) push upon you the shows that I am directly involved in, and then push the shows of people I know.


You know us (well, you should, this is the website of CRUMBS). We return to the Winnipeg Fringe and continue our record streak of most Fringes produced in a row.
CRUMBS first did a Fringe show in 1998 and we have done one EVERY YEAR since. So this will be our 14th Fringe Show (14!!!!!!!).
It will again be at the King's Head Pub and it will again feature the wonderful Dj Hunnicutt and it will again be amazing.

Wed, July 13th 9:00 PM
Thus, July 14 10:15 PM
Sat, July 16th 10:15 PM
Sun, July 17th 10:15 PM
Mon, July 18th 10:15 PM
Tues, July 19 10:15 PM
Wed, July 20 9:00 PM
Thurs, July 21 10:15 PM
Fri, July 22 11:15 PM
Sat, July 23 11:15 PM


This show has been bringing improvisers together in a safe/dangerous environment since 1998 as well. The show started in Edmonton and was first created by Wes Borg (of Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie fame) who then gave me the keys. Wait, what has this show got to do with Stephen Harper? Nothing, but he is big and stupid... Right?

This show will be at Venue #10 The Planetarium Auditorium.

Thu, July 14 7:15 PM
Sat, July 16 12:30 PM
Sun, July 17 5:30 PM
Mon, July 18 3:30 PM
Wed, July 20 11:00 PM
Thu, July 21 7:15 PM
Sun, July 24 5:15 PM

#3 The Gray Area of Comedy presents: Full Screen Ahead
This show is a sketch comedy show and the first sketch comedy show that I have been involved in YEARS! The show was inspired by the desire of one Tim Gray. I took it upon myself to help produce, write and direct this comedy masterpiece. The show has an amazingly talented cast:
Tim Gray and Dan Huen are part of a weekly satirical news/talk show called "Week Thus Far", which airs on Channel 9 (for Shaw subscribers) every Tuesday night at 10pm. They started the Gray Area of Comedy in 2008 as a weekly sketch show on UMFM airwaves. Since then, they’ve produced two shows at the Gas Station Theatre and released a DVD containing over 90 minutes of sketch comedy. Dan Huen also appeared in the 2011 Winnipeg Comedy Festival.
Fraz Wiest is a founding member of the Toronto based Ghost Jail Theatre. The nationally known improviser and comedian has had multiple appearances in the iF…Winnipeg Improv Festival. He also invented awesome.
Marc Evans is a core cast member of the massive Fringe hit, hugely successful Dungeons & Dragons improv show. He is also really good at growing beards.
Caitlin Curtis is an uprising improv mega-star in Winnipeg who has attended international festivals in Chicago, Seattle and Toronto. In her spare time she coaches provincial champions in the Manitoba Improv League. Caitlin is also really bad at growing beards.

The show is at Venue #3: the Playhouse Studio (180 Market Street)

Thursday, July 14 3:15PM
Friday, July 15 11:00PM
Sunday, July 17 3:45PM
Monday, July 18 7:15PM
Thursday, July 21 3:45PM
Friday, July 22 9:15PM
Saturday, July 23 12:15PM

#4 The Academy of Acting presents: Spring Awakening
This show has a cast of thousands (35) and was written a million years ago (1890) and has been banned and protested and censored (it actually has). The show is being brought to you by the acting program of the Academy of Acting at the ABC (It is the acting school in the basement of Polo Park). The show will be epic. So what exactly do I have to do with this show? Well, it was my idea for the Academy to put on a Fringe show. I know that learning to produce your own art is a valuable lesson, and nobody teaches it better than the Fringe.
This show will be at Venue #4 Alloway Hall (Manitoba Museum)


And these are just the shows that I am directly involved in. There are other amazing shows to check out:

Outside Joke
The Dungeons & Dragons Improv show
This is Cancer (from Toronto)
Monster Theatre (from Vancouver)
Hip Bang Improv (from Vancouver)

And these are just people I know. And I know even more people. And there are even more shows to see. See them all!

Buy tickets here: This is a link to click

Buy on the phone: 942-6537