CRUMBS in Zurich

CRUMBS are in Zurich... which is giving Oslo a run for their money for "city that mosts runs with money". A show, a workshop and some sun and some rain. That is what Zurich is made of. That, and money. Here are some Zurich impressions.
 This guy is a typical Zurich person. You can see he's trying to put his cigarette on one of those really long cigarette holders. He's classy.
 This statue is the typical Zurich style statue. A naked man trying to feed an eagle. Figure it out.
This is Tyler and his typical Zurich style cigar.
 This is a typical couple of fisherman in Zurich catching seagulls.

This is Lee rising up with his Ape brothers... typical.

What's that? You want to know what the show in Zurich was about? Okay...

The show we did in Zurich was at the Topferei theatre. A nice little theatre. And a nice little show. As suggestions we got "a Catholic priest who gets married" and "young love". This of course meant the show was filled with love and sex... which always seems to be the show we do in Zurich. Zurich (and Switzerland in general) is quite sexually repressed and absolutely needs a CRUMBS show to be sexual overt. It's part of the healing process.

One story followed an old couple who were looking to spice things up in their relationship as they reflect on "what could have been". They opt to invite their neighbours over for a dinner party to introduce them to the idea of "swinging". This of course ends in disaster, as the two wives end up hooking up. In the awkward morning after they decide that maybe "what could have been" might just end up being not as good as "what already is".
The other story was about Francine and her love and devotion for the town priest Father MacMurphy. He constantly preaches the teachings of Ezekiel over Jesus and gets into some trouble with the Arch Bishop Ferdinand (not to be confused with the Arch Duke of the same name). It turns out that Francine not only is in love with the priest, but also is the reason the church makes any money at all with the success of her amazing bake sales. After confessing her love and being turned down, she decides to leave town. The church goes bankrupt and the priest is forced to leave too. This unites the priest and Francine. They marry and start a new church based on bake sales and the teachings of Ezekiel. Ah, true love.

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