CRUMBS in a new year

Well, the holidays happened and a whole new year is upon us. Someone told me that it's the year 2014, and to me, that just sounds too much like the future. 2014 should be moving sidewalks and flying cars and robot slaves. Instead we have found out that moving sidewalks would just make us fat. We have too many cars as it is and just imagine all the idiots trying to fly cars, nevermind just drive them. And robots? The robot slaves would just revolt and conquer us weak humans. It's just as well.

But it being 2014 also just makes me ask "Why is it the year 2014 anyway?". Seriously, if you go by the chinese of the jewish calendars, they're all different years. If you ask me its the year 41. I think its about time in this globalization and information age to just start over. Why can't we just say its the year zero. I'll make it even simpler. Let's just say that there's no more "Two Thousand" in front of the year. It's just the year 14. There, simple.

Now let me tell you about some shows you need to check out:

CRUMBS at the King's Head
We're performing at the King's Head for free on Tuesday, January 21st at 9PM. You should really come on down (like you would on any Tuesday) for the free amazingness. While you're at it, come to all the CRUMBS shows at the King's Head! (Feb 4th and Feb 18th to name but two).

Where's the King's Head Pub?

Outside Joke and The D&D Improv
They're doing a show at the Gas Station Theatre on Saturday, Feb 15th as part of Outside Joke's Season of the Yuks. CRUMBS was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing show in December and now all you improv fans can get another dose of awesome, this time mixed with the D&D Improv crew. Rumour has it that they will be doing the show in the style of Sci-Fi rather than their famous Fantasy genre. Fun times.

Where's the Gas Station Theatre?

CRUMBS on Sat, Feb 22nd!
Yes, CRUMBS will put on a show at the Gas Station Theatre. Yes, it's true. CRUMBS is doing their very own show at this amazing theatre. Right in the heart of Osborne Village you can enjoy your very own CRUMBS show. We might even have some amazing guests. Who knows?

What is a word that would describe this show?

CRUMBS on your radio every Monday!
We are doing our live radio show every Monday at 5pm CST on 101.5 UMFM. You can tune it and listen to CRUMBS as they guide you through the news of the week and even call in and give them your scoop.

How can I listen to this radio show live online?

Okay, now thanks for reading the words on the internet, or perhaps you had these words dictated to you by some sort of super computer robot slave while you were flying in your car. 

Welcome to the year 14!