CRUMBS at the Fringe

CRUMBS returns to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. How many times is it now? 10? 20? 30? Who knows? 
*the first CRUMBS fringe was in 1998 so this would be number 20

CRUMBS is going to do the improv show they do with DJ Hunnicutt. People are going to go to the show and be entertained. The show is NOT going to be at the King's Head, don't go to the King's Head, that's not where we will be. Poor King's Head


Wed July 19 10pm
Fri July 21 3:30pm
Sat July 22 9pm
Mon July 24 1:30pm
Tue July 25 9:15pm
Thu July 27 12 noon
Fri July 28 5:15pm
Sat July 29 11pm


Venue #4 The Pantage Playhouse

An improv show with a duo who has worked together for over two decades. Fully improvised comedy theatre with a live DJ.

Good question... 

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*thanks Dad