Well CRUMBS is now in Europe. Land of Trains, slow computers and hotmail that doesn't work.

Dortmund was our first stop. Played the first ever impro match in a giant soccer ball (football in euro) as part of the FIFA 2006 World Cup of Improv in Germany. Awesomeness and fun was had (CRUMBS took the title, so hopefully that buys us into the next round for next year?)

Secound stop is Arhöna, which is close to Fulda (smack dab in the middle of Germany) and home to the communist leaning natural horse back riding ranch of wonderful Uwe. We are teaching improv workshops there and riding horses the very old fashion way. This invovles no bit and no saddle. We use the natural body language of the horse and it is beautiful. This is our third trip to Arhöna and it is were I understand the mind of the pre-teen girl (because i love horses and i draw them on my binder).

Next is Ljubjana, in Slovenia. We will do some workshops there and perform some grade 'A' improv CRUMBStyle.

Hopefully we will also find some computers that move a little faster then this one and i can write a nice email to my best girl back at home (whom i miss).

For now, relax in the country with horses and sunshine.