10 Pin Bowling in Deutschland

Now it might seem like touring is all about fun and games, well, sometimes it is.

10 pin bowling in Germany is exactly the same as in North of America (unlike the mini-golf experience). I had a beer and fries, wore silly shoes and threw a heavy ball down an alley to knock over pins.

We went bowling in Weisbaden. Richard (who is Sebastions's roomate from France) invited us to play with his girlfriend, his sister and her husband. And let's not forget Marc, the half Brittish half French guy who came along. So there we were 3 French, 1 German, 3 Canadians and 1 Limey. A truly International game of 'knock down the damn pins'. Richard was the big winner, he even got a 'four bagger' which is one better then a 'turkey'. Luckily we didn't bet any Euro on this game.

i really enjoyed bowling, it is something i should really try and do more back in the Peg.