Report on München

Some pretty awesome shows in München (that is Munich for all you english speakers).

We performed with ISAR 148, which is München's premiere impro company. They are pros and good people. They are also a duo with a musician. (The company also includes a manager, some other actors for extra gigs ect... ) The show was a fast paced jaunt through German-Canadian relations and language. The great news is (and was) that Robert Slade and Christine flew in to München to see the show all the way from London, England. It was awesome to see them and have them see us in our Deutch action environment. (Hello Rob and Christine if you are reading this)

The next night Crumbs performed our own show in a smaller more intimate theatre, and it rocked. A show full of love, love lost, love found, learning how to love and losing true love. That and some laughs.

All in all it was good to be rockin' the stage in München and seeing the ISAR 148 folks. The name of the group comes from the Isar (which is the river that runs through the city) and the number of kilometers that the theatre is down the river (148 km). In deucth, the number 148 can be pronouced 'eines fear acht' which in english sounds a lot like 'i fear act' or i fear the act the acting in general... which to me is funny.

Anyways, on to the next stop, Mannheim to hang with Drama Light.