May 1st

May first over here is much more a big deal. They take to the streets, they riot, they burn police cars. It is crazy... or at least, that is how the story goes.

CRUMBS were to play a show in Berlin on April 30th and then get up the next morning and travel back to Hamburg to teach another workshop on May 1st. So really, we were to be in Berlin and Hamburg both on the special day known as Mayday.

We couldn't really party the night after our show in Berlin because we were tired and had to travel. Even though we were in Berlin (where the action is) and not only that, we were in kreuzburg, which is where the action really is. We then arrived in Hamburg (again) and had to teach a workshop during the day, so we couldn't really join in the riot-like festivities (although Craig did join in an anti-fascist march with some anarchists). so although we were right in the middle of what could have been some fun action, we missed out on what we really wanted... which was to light a police car on fire.