What is Fozzy?
Well, Fozzy is a metal cover band (that now plays originals as well) that is fronted by Chris Jericho, the Professional wrestler, and who happens to be Lee's cousin.

Fozzy also just happened to be in Hamburg while we were in town, so we went and saw them. It was an awesome Metal experience (and coming from this non-metal type guy, that is saying a mouthful). After the show we stuck around so that Lee and Chris could have some family time. It was quickly decided that we would go out and party a bit with the Rock and Rollers. This of course ment strippers in the famous area of Hamburg where the sex is sold off the streets legally. They have a red light district as well as Amsterdam. The difference is that they also have prostitutes on the streets as well. These prostitutes are very aggressive, they will actually bump into you right there on the street and chat you up. Thnk goodness we are very strong willed.

So a party with Huge Rock Stars in a Rock and Roll strip club is good fun if you can get it. And it is also a part of the complete Hamburg experience.