report on hamburg

My first ever trip inside the beast known as Hamburg (aka The Hammer). What a great town, i got nothing but a good vibe here.

We arrived (Lee and I had left Craig alone for a couple of days, for everyone's own good) in Hamburg and dropped off our bags. The first thing we like to do in any town is drop off our bags (as they are heavy). We went to go see Steife Brise (our host group, whose name means stiff breeze in Deutch) play their impro show. It was a slick Comedy styled show, and it was slick, and in a nice theatre. We hung out a bit with the group and then went home to rest up for the next day.

It was to be the premiere of the CRUMBS in Hamburg. Nervous? Of course! This is Hamburg, home of Hidden Shakespeare, home of Steife Brise, home of Die Speiler... Of course we want to do a good job. And i think we did.

The show involved a nerd kid who blamed his mom for his nerdness and didn't want to go to special nerd school. It invovled a fireman who lost his mojo after he could't save a little kitten from a tree. It invovled a lonely woman and her one night stand with a french lover. And my favourite part, it invovled a couple of teenagers who listen to doom metal, the music was so intence that it engulfs them in flames and it prompts one of them to become a robot, because humans are too fragile. Oh to explain an improv show, it just doesn't work, but i like to sometimes just give a hint of what happened.

So success in Hamburg... (but wait, there's more)