Edmonton day 1

CRUMBS has arrived in Edmonton.

The drive was again an easy jaunt over the seas of wheat and prairie ocean. If it was just a little closer we would actually make the trip more frequently, which would be nice.

We arrived and promptly received our "arrival hugs" outside of a kareoke bar where the party was at. After a few minutes (it doesn't take long in Edmonton) the bar fight started and we watched people get their asses kicked (more accuratly, their faces pounded in). Whyte Avenue in Edmonton is notorious, it is like no other street in the world i have ever run into when it comes to sheer drunken testosterone and white trashiness. Perhaps i should check out some large American cities before i start waving the Edmonton flag to high, though i think they would give them there cities a run for their money.

Anyways, soon i will be able to report on some actual improv shows, i am itchin' for it badly.

p.s. thanks for reading