Edmonton day...

Where do the days go?

One minute i am in Edmonton waiting for some improv, then BAM, i am back home and its all over.

Edmonton was great, some excellent improv (and some improv that was not so excellent, but more on this later). Edmonton has great audiences, people come to the shows in great numbers and applaud in great decibles.

The best part is always the people. Yeah, you perform some kick ass improv and you party, but when it comes right down to it, the folks you got to hang with outweigh all the glory of the improv stage. Improv folks from across the country and around the world get to hang out only at improv festivals and so that is what it becomes, a sort of family reunion of like minded funny folks who like to make it up as they go.

What else do i have to report?

-team vancouver took first place at the theatresports tourny. Taz Van Rassel and Ryan Biel with Kurt Smeaton (from Toronto) rocked the house. They totally cheated though...

-team winlanta (a winnipeg and atlant co-production) had myself (Stephen) Lee White and Renee (from Dad's Garage) ended up in 2nd place after some contravercy (like team vancouver cheating, ha ha).

-again craig and renee did some shotgunning

-crumbs show worked well, one of the best shows we have done in Edmonton

-crumbs had special guests throughout the tourny which is always fun for us to play with our buddies. Tom from Portland, Chris from Rapid Fire, Jacob from Graz and finally Renee from Atlanta (thank you dudes).

So i will end this little chapter by thanking Rapid Fire Theatre for hosting yet another marvelous Improv Family reunion.