CRUMBS radio show...

Now, i have mentioned in a couple of recent posts the CRUMBS radio show.
Allow me to explain.

CRUMBS (more specifically, Stephen and Lee) have been performing/producing an hour of radio for 101.5 UMFM for almost three years now. The show started off as an improvised radio show where we would get callers to phone in their suggestions and we would perform scenes, but then it gathered a life of its own as a call-in show. The evolution (or mutation) continued and it rears its ugly head as a fake improvised call-in talk/bullshit radio show. We advertise it with the slogan:

-don’t just listen to the radio, be the radio-

We have several people call in who we fondly refer as our regulars. They include:

-heavy metal chris
-jimi jimi
-HR Jammer
-Q-base (calling from London, England)
-Mr Slade (calling from London, England as well)
-the guy who puts his phone up to music in protest to us talking to much
-the guy who does a live DJing thing (hasnt called in a while)
-and you... (or at least you should call in more)

As you can see the show is popular in London, England (at least two people) and that means it must be somehow reachable to those overseas. It is in fact true. 101.5 UMFM is reachable to those with computers and internet access (like all of you fine folks reading this blog). Simply type in and follow the steps to live stream the station, then call 269-umfm and talk to us live on the radio/interweb.


don’t just listen to the radio, be the radio