Up north a little

Had a gig yesterday up north a little ways.

A four hour drive north of Neepawa to a reserve to teach a workshop and do a little show for and with the community. Lee and I went as the improv people and David went up as the tech guy (lights and sound). It was a really positive experience for the community there and for Lee and myself. The reserve is Skownan and is just a wee bit north of Ste Rose du Lac (which is a cute little town we stopped for lunch at).

So we drove for hours, set up the sound system, the stage area, the lights and then started to teach a workshop like we have never taught before. The community showed up together and we taught for toddlers up to adults. It was really nice. Then we were able to chill out for a little while until we had the performance. The show was Lee and I on the stage and volunteers from the audience (à la Stephen McIntyre style) and we would guide people through some improv scenes. We also tried a couple classic improv games with them as well.

It was great to see and feel their eagerness, we really did not know what to expect. In the end they loved it as much as we did. It wasn’t the best show in content, or in comedy level or in process but it was one of the best shows when it comes down to making people feel as though they have the power to create theatre out of nothing and to have the courage to look failure in the face and laugh.

I will chalk it up as yet another reason why I do what I do.