Devin McCracken

When was the last time i performed with Devin McCracken... Well it was last night. It was the first time in some time (certainly the first time since Devin left CRUMBS).

He asked me to do a set with him at the Toad. Toad in the Hole pub in Osborne village has been housing a weekly improv show for some time now. The show consists of three sets that have one ’pro’ improviser playing with volunteers from the audience (sets are 8pm, 9pm, 10pm). It really is like the kareoke of improv comedy. Anyone can get up and do a scene (though usually it is the same set of regualrs which ends up being a blast anyhow).

Then, at 11pm, the set is a special presentation. Usually the 11pm set is some more pro improv folks, possibly an actual troupe, sometimes Dev would read some of his bizarre good rantings and other times it is a dirty show (like it was last night with Devin and myself).

It was dirty, it was quick and it was good to climb back into that improv land with Devin.