They are all safe

All of my friends in London ended up being safe, and thank goodness. If they had even just one hair out of place i would have had to resort to vigilante justice (though i think thats why we are in this mess in the first place, american vigilante justice).

Robert G. Slade was the first to email (and he called our radio show). He and Christine were not blown up. He was on a number 13 bus when bombs went off (a number 30 bus exploded) and Chritine was supposed ot be at work that morning and would have been around one of the tube stations around the right (wrong) time. Glad you are both safe.

Jarred Christmas emailed next, he was actually in Hong Kong when the shit hit the fan. So he was mega-safe. His lady was safe as well.

Chris John was next, he reported that all his friends and family were all safe and not blown up at all. Good news (and it was nice to hear from these lads, it has been a while. It is a shame that its the tragedies that bring us people together).

Last, but not least, is Q-Base (AKA Q, Queue, Q-tip, Q-tsee, Quinn the Eskimo, Jason Quinton) who waited until worry had krept in just enough. In fact i was about to send him another email begging him to reply or i was going to start building the memorial.

I am glad noone i know was hurt. My heart goes out to the victims families.