The Cabin

The cabin in the woods that I frequent is known as the "Birchwood", though historically I believe that name refers to the old cabin. Now, the whole area is refered to as the "Birchwood".

Now before you start envisioning the Lake of the Woods, and other picturesque locations, let me warn you. This is not that cabin, not by a long shot. This is farm feilds surrounding a dead Salt Lake. This is shack (a number of them). This is gravel road and rural. This is white trash.

Now before you start writing it off as crap, let me also warn you that it is beautiful as well. It is the freedom of no real neighbours (people know to stay away when we go up). It is the freedom to do whatever we want for the time we are there. It is the freedom to stumble into bed and stumble out of bed.

This weekend was one such weekend, one of freedom and cabin fun.

The weekend included:
-Drinking beer
-A full day of roofing (as in putting a new roof on the cabin)
-Shooting a pellet gun (at pop cans)
-Playing cards (poker and Wizard)
-Playing Bocce Ball (Italian style)

So yeah, it was a fun weekend of freedom and relaxing and work and more relaxing.