New show a success!

The Park theatre down in South Osborne, is now open for business.
Ron Moore's new improv night, called "Jack'em & Attack'em", has opened and the people love it. It was an honour to be invovled in the historic beginnings. Lee and I took the stage with Ron and Jacked'em and Attacked'em. There were folks from the neighbourhood who showed up, and laughs were had.

The show consisted of Lee and I "Jackin'em" (with the "em" being the audience) for suggestions, which Ron then wrote on a big sheet of paper. The idea being, we then "Attaked'em" (the "em" being the suggestions), hitting all the suggestions throughout the hour of improv show.

Every Tuesday night, never more then 5 bucks, never more then 5 improvisers (well, maybe sometimes) always more then 5 laughs (always). The old (new) Park Theatre.