The GST Patio

So, the Gas Station Theatre has been throwing a patio party anytime the weather cooperates. And when i say the theatre i really mean Steve McIntyre (who is the driving force behind the patio and other such endeavours).

The Blue Umbrella Patio (which is the name given to the patio, blue umbrella = blue sky, get it?) is running on Thursday nights, Friday nights and Sunday evenings. The show usually gets going at around 7pm and ends at 11pm sharp. There is music, good people, good drinks and good times to be had.

The author of this blog (aka me) has been bartending at some of these patio events and i have been having a blast doing so. Being the bartender means working behind the bar, but it also means giving folks their most loved drinks. It also means i do not have to worry and stress about social interaction (which can really tire a sucker out), the social interaction is taken care of because people come to you. I get to have little snippets of conversations with everyone (everyone who is drinking that is). I like it.

So, go to the Gas Station Theatre Patio. Help support the theatre, make it one of the "in" places to hang out. Check out CRUMBS on the patio on Friday, August 19th.